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Complex Algorithm Based Patents

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Members of Lyon & Harr, LLP have prepared and prosecuted complex patent applications for corporate clients over many years. Feedback from inventors indicates that they prefer to work with our attorneys over other firms because we are more technically knowledgeable and easy to work with. There are several reasons for this:

  • Our attorneys strive to write the highest quality patents and try to minimize the time and effort that in-house legal team and inventors must spend to get applications on file and issued.
  • Our ability to handle the "tough" cases involving complex algorithm-based technologies has been proven over many years.
  • The attorneys of Lyon & Harr, LLP have an excellent working relationship with our corporate clients, their staff, foreign associates, researchers and outside inventors. Inventors often ask for us by name over other counsel because we make the patenting experience an easy and pleasant one.

Our attorneys have extensive technical education and experience:

  • Our attorneys have had many years of computer, electronics, networking, and other engineering work experience prior to becoming patent attorneys.
  • Our attorneys have extensive experience in writing and prosecuting patents. In fact, all of our attorneys have 20 or more years of patent prosecution experience.
  • Lyon & Harr, LLP is a small, woman-owned business that thrives in a challenging environment of changing and evolving technologies, and we are ready, willing and able to adapt to a client's changing requirements and needs.

Our Commitment to Your Success


We at Lyon & Harr, LLP believe a major part of our success is owed to the rapport we establish with our client's legal team and inventors. It is our goal to minimize the time and effort that a company must invest to get applications on file and issued. Inventors often ask for us by name over other outside counsel because we make the patenting experience easy and pleasant.

We at Lyon & Harr, LLP also strive to be timely. For example, it is our policy to have draft applications in the hands of the inventors for review at least one month in advanced of the desired filing date. In addition, we typically file our Office Action responses prior to the shortened statutory period set by the USPTO.

Lyon & Harr, LLP attorneys take great pride in writing high quality patents in a timely manner.

Lyon & Harr, LLP considers all of our projects and assignments to be a team effort, and we act together to provide the best possible result.

Lyon & Harr, LLP can readily adapt to your procedures and requirements, and are able to quickly implement changes.

Lyon & Harr, LLP is comfortable working on fixed fee or an hourly basis, but has offered fixed fee services for many years.

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We would like to offer our high quality patent services to help grow and protect your intellectual property portfolio. To learn more about our services, please either email Richard Lyon at rick@cuttingedgepatents.com, or call us at (805) 278-8855 and ask to speak with Richard Lyon.

Also, you can view issued patents listing Lyon & Harr, LLP attorneys as attorneys of record.