Local Small Business IP Legal Services

Serving Local Businesses and Entrepreneurs Since 1998

The law firm of Lyon & Harr, LLP is proud to have been serving local businesses and entrepreneurs in the same location in the tri-counties for over 20 years. We take great care and pride in the quality and timeliness of our work in order to help our neighbors' businesses thrive in the global economy.

Personalized Care

When you retain Lyon & Harr, LLP for your patent, trademark and copyright needs you will receive personalized, reasonably-priced intellectual property law services to protect your ideas, inventions, products and services. Our patent attorneys each have decades of patent drafting and prosecution services. Since our firm does not perform litigation services you don’t have to worry about diversion of our firm’s resources to emerging time-intensive litigation demands.


When you retain Lyon & Harr, LLP, you aren’t just hiring individual attorneys that share an office, you are hiring a team of experienced attorneys that work together to protect your intellectual property. Our attorneys worked together for many years as engineers and have worked together for decades as intellectual property attorneys.

Cost Effective Representation

Because our offices are located in Ventura County and our firm doesn’t have an excessively large support staff, you will find that we have a much lower overhead than law firms in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties, as well as the Bay area. Thus, we can pass on these cost savings to you. Additionally, you will have your important intellectual property matters handled by an attorney rather than a paralegal.

Centrally Located

Our law firm is centrally located to serve the intellectual property protection needs of entrepreneurs and businesses in Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, San Luis Obispo County, and Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas. Often our attorneys will go to the place of business of local companies to assess their branding strategy and patent portfolio, as well as to discuss intellectual property with inventors and management personnel. We can provide your business with personalized and tailored legal services to protect your important business assets.


Focused and Experienced IP Protection

Since Lyon & Harr, LLP is a law firm that only practices intellectual property law and does not involve itself in litigation, your ideas, inventions, services and products will receive undivided and experienced attention. This is particularly true in the area of patent preparation and prosecution where each of our three patent attorneys have been registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for 20 years or more. Further, each of attorneys has at least of a decade of real-world engineering experience and two decades of patent preparation and prosecution experience. Each of our patent attorneys has also written hundreds of patent applications for Fortune 500 companies.

Protecting Business Assets

Our attorneys have each had at least 20 years of experience in helping local businesses and entrepreneurs protect their ideas and brands from being exploited by adverse business interests.

Our attorneys often go to the place of business of local companies to assess their branding strategy and invention portfolio and provide personalized and tailored legal services to protect these important business assets.

A small sample of the various issued trademarks and patents we have seen through from filing to final issuance for small businesses assets can be seen below.


Small Business Invention