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Filing a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is of little value unless one can reach the end of the application process with an issued patent in hand.

Lyon & Harr, LLP attorneys have written and successfully prosecuted over 1000 patent applications in a wide variety of technological fields to final issuance.

Lyon & Harr, LLP attorneys are proven adept at navigating the application process through the careful drafting of well written and defendable applications.

Listed below are only some of the most recent inventions that Lyon & Harr, LLP attorneys have successfully navigated through the patenting process to the final issuance of a patent.

Please be aware that links to the patents below may not work if the issued patent has not yet been uploaded to the Google patents database.

Recently Issued Patents

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A patent is, at its core, a bargain between the Government and an Inventor. In exchange for publicly disclosing a patentable invention, the Government provides an Inventor with a limited monopoly over the use of that invention.

The public disclosure of the invention is, therefore, an important and necessary part of the patenting process.

Absent special circumstances, a patent application will be published by the USPTO approximately 18 months from its filing.

Listed below are some of the patent applications drafted by Lyon & Harr, LLP attorneys that were recently published by the USPTO.

Recently Published Patents